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Accessories with a purpose


This combination can make you feel collected, focused and also enhance your creativity. It will also help you attract new clients


This combination brings abundance, joy, happiness, vitality and positive energy in your life and enhance creative skills to be able to ideate


This combination can help you understand long term financial stability and work towards it as well

CA / Auditors

These crystals help to provide an increased sense of wisdom ,authority, analytical skills and mathematical skills to be able to provide solutions to clients

Dancers and Singers

This combination boost confidence, which will help in empowering you to feel comfortable in expressing your creative self


This crystal is singularly good for fashion designers and people in the creative field because it brings balanced fire energy for creativity and self-expression.


This combination helps in bringing empathy and also strength to be able to withstand tough situations


This combination brings good luck in addition to prosperous new deals into your business.

Fitness / Yoga Instructors

This combination can be used to enhance physical endurance, as well as emotional and mental stamina, which is favorable for many athletes

Influencers / Actors

These crystals bring courage and a composed attitude to be able to ace in front of the camera

IT professionals

This is a special trio combination that sharpens your mind for new ideas and also be able to execute it properly


This combination helps in being close to justice and think from a calm head space

Poet and Authors

This combination can unlock your creativity by eroding mental blockages, they give clarity, renew insights and improves expression

Public speakers

This combination can help you communicate your ideas with clarity and confidence.

Spiritual/life Coach

This trio is for empaths to stay connected to divine consciousness and be able to guide people without draining yourself

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