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Taurus bracelet


Green aventurine will allow Taureans to listen to their true calling.

 Affirmation By Neelam: I am abundant and free.

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Taurus is a zodiac, that is very grounded and sometimes not open to changes and lands up being rigid. In the quest to achieve, they sometimes lose touch with their inner consciousness. Green aventurine is a crystal that connects one to their heart chakra. Taureans are seen to be achievers usually with the energy of green aventurine, they are able to listen to their true calling and perform even better.

Care Instructions-

  • 1. Don’t wear it while taking a shower and working out.
  • 2. If you are uncomfortable while sleeping , put it under your pillow
  • 3. Show it some sunlight for 2-5 mins only once in a month to keep it energized.
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