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Leo bracelet


Fluorite crystal will help the controlling energy of leos to connect with the energy of surrendering.

 Affirmation By Neelam: I surrender control


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Leos have a wild ferocious approach towards life, representing the energy of a lion. To be the king of the jungle, a lion has to be ferocious but at the same time have calmness and patience, to listen to what others have to say. Where control is your nature, if we club it up with a little bit of surrender, you become a perfect combination to be that leader that you always wanted to be.Fluorite is a crystal that connects you to the energy of divine surrender.

 Care Instructions-

  • 1. Don’t wear it while taking a shower and working out.
  • 2. If you are uncomfortable while sleeping , put it under your pillow
  • 3. Show it some sunlight for 2-5 mins only once in a month to keep it energized.
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