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What damages the heart chakra-how can you heal it?

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Posted on June 3, 2021

The Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra in Sanskrit is the fourth chakra and this makes it special as it is the halfway point of our entire spiritual system, holding the other chakras in alignment to our system.

The Heart Chakra is located at the centre of the spine, at the heart level and the name ‘Anahata’ suggests something similar to ‘unhurt’, the Heart Chakra is the centre point of love, empathy, compassion and forgiveness. It is this Chakra that beholds the true essence of companionship or relationship towards oneself and others. This Chakra is responsible for energies we transpire which build trust, peace, gratitude and brings emotional control and depth in every relationship we build with our surroundings and ourselves.

As the Heart Chakra is the centre point of our whole spiritual well being, holding the other chakras together, it is easy to get disturbed or damaged by our offered surroundings. Hence it becomes very important for us to know how our Heart Chakra gets affected following which we can go on a path for healing it if somehow we triple in our journey and cause damage to our Heart Chakra.

Situations where we should acknowledge our Heart Chakra being blocked and remedies for them include: The heart chakra is the chakra that evokes the emotion of love and companionship, it is the chakra that helps us to build a connection with someone and hence if that connection is affected, we should see signs where our Heart Chakra feels blocked and is not distributing energy. Dwelling on past relationships or situations where we felt hurt can seem to do a lot of damage to our Heart Chakra and we seem to be drawn from our present. One of the comforting ways to come out of this blockage is to start journaling your thoughts. We have let go of our past relationships and their memories and the best way to do that is by writing them out, giving them out to the universe and cleansing your inner self to feel free.

While dwelling in past relationships can imbalance our Heart Chakra, procrastinating or overthinking about a present or future relationship can also lead us to struggle with our Heart Chakra. Overthinking can also signal to us having commitment issues which is an easy recipe to damage our Heart Chakra. This might feel overwhelming but the reasonable path to healing this damage is to put yourselves out there and spend more time with your loved ones. The more you articulate your thoughts with the person you have a connection with, the more you get clarity of your emotions and this in a way clears out the blockage in our Heart Chakra. We often come across situations where we feel belittled and hence that sometimes makes a home in our heart as grudges. While holding grudges cannot be fully avoided, making it a habit can lead to an aching Heart Chakra. As the saying goes, ‘Forgive and Forget’, is the best mantra to practise to avoid such agonizing pain to our Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra takes responsibility for building relationships and hence creating a social environment for us. But if we abstain from relationships and use loneliness as a protective shield to our emotions, it can prove to be the most dangerous weapon to pierce our Heart Chakra. While being introverted is acceptable, stopping your open self from reaching out is a crime we perform that keeps our Heart Chakra locked up. Hence opening ourselves by taking small steps can be a mindful resort to unlock our Heart Chakra.

Our busy lives provide us with common vices, stress and anxiety and if we keep using our brain over it, this paves a direct road to damage our Heart Chakra. When it comes to dealing with anxiety and stress, we must forget about the crowded thoughts in our brains and calm ourselves by practising meditation, breathing activities, yoga and surrounding ourselves with healing crystals that clear out the negativity and radiate positivity around ourselves. As humans, we feel energised when we make positive communications and on similar grounds, we feel terrified of not getting a response or being rejected. This fear of rejection stops us from experiencing companionships and makes way for loneliness, causing damage to our Heart Chakra. The conscious effort of finding confidence within ourselves will allow us to put ourselves out there despite the fear of rejection. Rejections might come, but if we are connected with our true selves, we will never shy out from making future connections.

Following the above point, we come to our last point which is very easily ignored but ticks every spot to damage our Heart Chakra is when we give most of our energy to others and leave very little of ourselves. While empathising with others, caring for others is important for personal well-being, but if we shift too much of the focus to others, it can damage our whole picture beginning with our Heart Chakra. To heal from this practising self-love or self-care is a practical solution that makes us a full vessel of positivity and pouring out some of it just nurtures our environment where we thrive as well. Our Heart Chakra is our centre of empathy and empathising with its well being will guide us through our spiritual well being.




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