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Posted on June 12, 2021

The Heart Chakra or Anahata in Sanskrit is the fourth Chara which holds the upper and lower Chakras in alignment. It is the focal point of love and is responsible for building deep connections with ourselves and our surroundings. The Heart Chakra is associated with Air and the color Green.

Whenever we feel stuck in our relationships and negative energy obstructs us from walking the path of empathy, it is often because our Heart Chakra is disturbed or blocked. When we are bothered by past hurtful experiences and dwell on them over a long period, we tend to see signs of our Heart Chakra being blocked. Holding grudges also do much harm to our Heart Chakra than the person we hold grudges upon. Being responsible for building relationships, our Heart Chakra also feels disturbed when we abstain from putting ourselves out there from the fear of rejections. While it is normal to be introverted but building a wall around our emotions also blocks our Heart Chakra from thriving.

When experiencing such anxiety and blockage in our Heart Chakra our prime responsibility is to act upon this disturbance and clear the fog for our Heart Chakra to thrive and radiate positivity into our lives. In this process of healing the Heart Chakra, there are some unique crystals that can be your helping hand here.

If we find ourselves failing to attract pure and comforting relationships, we can surround ourselves with the crystals of color Pink. Being stuck in a relationship or feeling lonely and deprived of building connections can be a prime reason for disturbing our Heart Chakra. Here, crystals with the color Pink like Rose Quartz will help you bring closer to desired partners and build healthier relationships. Let us discuss more about such crystals one by one and pay attention to when we can use each one of them,

  1. Rose Quartz: Color: Pink
    Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals to heal the heart chakra, which is a stone of unconditional love. This restores trust, harmony, and unrestrained love in relationships. This lovely rose crystal opens the heart and fosters love, compassion, friendship, and acceptability. In times of sorrow, rose quartz is soft and reassuring. Another big advantage of this crystal is that it dissipates and replaces negative energy with loving vibrations. It is a mighty crystal for self-love and acceptance.

  2. Malachite: Color: Green
    Malachite is one of the most powerful stones for healing the heart chakra with its dynamic green energy. It absorbs negative energies and opens your heart to unreserved love. Malachite is an important protective element and stimulates clear thinking and controlled emotions. It fosters the courage in us, to leave the past behind and go forward to something better. Feelings like jealousy or hatred are quite common when the heart chakra is blocked. We learn to love ourselves, express our feelings with more clarity, and overcome our fear of intimacy through the healing energy of Malachite. Malachite can prove to be our go-to crystal for both emotional and physical well-being.

  3. Green Aventurine: Color: Green
    Green Aventurine is often associated with the opening of opportunities. This crystal acts as a comforting and heart healer with its soft green energy. Green Aventurine eliminates negative effects and gives us harmony, comfort, and emotional calmness. If we want to promote compassion and empathy in our lives, we can use this crystal. It also helps to nurture patience in us. Green Aventurine is a strong emotional healer which can provide us calmness in a state of anger and irritation by keeping your mind stable. It is also a lucky stone and assists us to bring romantic relationships into our lives.

  4. Rhodocrosite: Color: Pink White
    Rhodocrosite is a beautiful crystal that stimulates our soul and fosters love as well as passion in us. Rhodochrosite is the perfect crystal for cleaning and opening our heart chakra with its strong heart-based power. When we experience problems in our relationships with others, Rhodocrosite can help us overcome these barriers with its vibrant energy. Rhodocrosite rekindles positivity, self-sufficiency, and empathy, which are essential aspects of building good relations. This pearly crystal can help us to promote positivity, joy, and love in our life. It helps us to reach out and connect with the long-lost relations of our life.

  5. Green Jade: Color: Green
    Green Jade as a symbol of purity and serenity enhances love, nourishment, and knowledge while protecting us against harm. It also brings our life into harmony and builds a feeling of self-sufficiency. In addition to fostering good luck and friendship, Green Jade can also be used to erase negative thinking and calm our minds. Actually, it acts as a catalyst for inspiring ideas in our lives. Green Jade is helpful also to abolish negative emotions like irritability and wrath. If we are seeking a crystal that gives us the courage to really be who we are, Green Jade should be our choice. These out of the many crystals helps us to balance our heart Chakra and bring love and calmness into our lives. Primarily the colors associated are Green and Pink, with Green healing and nurturing us from our past experiences, and Pink, taking us closer to our loved ones.

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