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Larimar bracelet

Larimar bracelet

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Benefits: Larimar is the crystal for suitors. In ancient times it was recommended to women who were looking for a life partner and were looking to choose from options that they had. Larimar brings love and discretion both at the same time and facilitates the formation of healthy relationships from scratch. It brings a glowing skin to the wearer and fame
Who is it for: if you know that you are looking for a life partner then Larimar is the crystal for you. It makes you stand out in the crowd and also helps you understand which partner is good for you and which is not. If you are looking to fearlessly decide on your relationship then this is the bracelet for you
How to Use: To harness the highest potential of the crystal, know the correct hand to wear it in. When you start wearing the crystal, make sure you are wearing it most of the time and keeping it close to you as much as possible. Simply focus on your intentions and let the calming energy of the crystal guide you toward inner harmony and spiritual awakening. Do not wear it while taking a shower or while exercising. To avoid any damages to the bracelet.

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